Quite Interesting Facts 5

Here is a list of little known facts from the BBC show “Q.i.” These are much more interesting than your typical “factoid” lists.

-It was proposed in 1994 that a “love bomb” should be made, that make enemy soldiers attracted to one another and would start having sex with each other.

-In 1903, Thomas Edison released a film called Electrocuting An Elephant which showed how electricity could be very dangerous. He used the film as propaganda against his rival George Westinghouse.

-The difference between a ship and a boat in Naval terms is that all ships float on the surface of the water, while all boats are submarines.

-The animal that creates the most methane in the world is the termite, not cows. And cows expel methane by burping, not farting.

Corn flakes were originally used to discourage masturbation. John Harvey Kellogg was deeply against the practice.

-If you eat nothing but rabbit, you would die of malnutrition, because rabbit meat contains very little oil and therefore by eating only rabbit, your body would run out of other nutrients.

-The first animals to be herded for food were snails in the year 10,700 BC.

-A Tyrannosaurus rex would probably taste like chicken, because the chicken is a descendant of the T. rex.

-When the Pilgrim Fathers first arrived in America, the first thing that the Native Americans said to them was “Could I have some beer? Most of the Native Americans learnt their English from Squanto, a Native who travelled across the Atlantic Ocean 6 times. He was kidnapped to England, then brought back to America, he was kidnapped again and sold to slavery in Spain, before escaping to Cuper’s Cove, Newfoundland, but he found it took too long to walk back, so he took a boat back to Ireland before returning to New England.

-The inventor of the moonwalk is Bill Bailey, not Michael Jackson

-No-one actually knows where the Manneken Pis originates from. One theory is that a boy urinated on some explosives when Brussels was under siege and saved the city. Another was that it was Duke Godfrey who was hiding in a tree during a battle and urinated on the enemy. It has been up since 1388, and has been stolen seven times.

-One-eighth of the people who attempt to climb Mount Everest die.

Fainting goats help protect flocks of sheep by allowing the rest of the flock to escape from predators like wolves, whilst it is eaten. Older goats faint against walls to prevent themselves from being eaten.

-The jumping French lumberjacks of Maine have a rare disorder called “Jumping Frenchmen of Maine“, which lead to investigations into what became known as Tourette’s syndrome. Symptoms of the disorder include obeying any order given to you suddenly and the need to repeat foreign phrases constantly.

-In the middle of a pearl, you will find the sarcophagus of a nematode worm or another such organic creature.

Elephants have the biggest ears of any animal in the world. They do not however improve their hearing, and are mainly used for cooling purposes. They are also used for aggressive displays.

-Some Funny Website Names:







-The biggest squid in the world is the Colossal Squid. It is believed to be the world’s biggest invertebrate. Its eyes are 1 foot in diameter.

-The appendix helps the body, because it is part of the lymphatic system.

-Killer Whales are really dolphins


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