Quite Interesting Facts 4

Here is a list of little known facts from the BBC show “Q.i.” These are much more interesting than your typical “factoid” lists.

-The most dangerous sport in the world is flying kites in Pakistan (the most dangerous country in the world) during Basant. You have to sever kite strings filled with glass and metal shards. It can only be played for 15 days of the year.

-You should get 4-7 hours of sleep every night.

Seismologists use the Moment magnitude scale (MMS) to measure the size of earthquakes, not the The Richter Scale

-It rains the most on Saturdays, because of industrial activities over the week cause a seven day dust cycle.

Charles Darwin suffered from Chagas disease. Millions of South Americans also suffer from it. It was discovered by Carlos Chagas and is the only disease entirely described by one single researcher.

Jules Leotard‘s clothing invention, which he called the “maillot”, was renamed after him when he died. He also invented the Flying Trapeze.

-Dogs are much more varied than cats, and more varied than any other species.

-The most interesting thing dogs can smell is cancer.

-The Canary Islands are named after the dogs, and Canaries are named after the island.

Dogfights first started in World War I, but when they first fought, they had no guns, so they threw bricks at each other.

-The Bubi people of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea cannot talk in the dark, as their language is mostly gesture. They cannot see what they are saying.

-A raindrop is spherical, not Pear-Shaped

-There are less than a three-quarters of plants than we first thought.

-“Ring Around the Rosie” dates back to 1881 America, not the black plague.

The Great Binge (1870-1914) is a period in history given by social historians, due to Absinthe in Europe and other dangerous drugs such as heroin being commercially available. Heroin is a brand name.

-The single largest man-made structure on the planet is the Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island, not the Great Wall of China.

-The biggest load of rubbish in the world is the North Pacific Gyre, also known as the Pacific Trash Vortex, not Fresh Kills, New York.

-You cannot describe the difference between left and right.

Deaf people applaud by waving their hands in the air. There is a misconception that they clap louder or harder.

-A radio episode of Superman in which he fights the Ku Klux Klan caused the KKK recruitment rate to fall to zero within a few weeks of it being aired.

-The most influential piece of modern art (according to the Turner Prize committee) was Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain.

-The dik-dik is able to hide, unlike the dodo, which is probably one of the reasons why the dodo is now extinct.

-The dodo is related to the pigeon. It was forgotten until 1860, when it appeared Alice in Wonderland.

E pluribus unum is the motto of Benfica, not the USA

Clever Hans the horse was able to count and work out square roots and could read someone’s body language.

-The Chinese language for “American” is “Lovely country person” in English. The Englishman is called a, “Hero country person” and a Frenchman is a “Law country person”.

-The Number of the Beast is 616, not 666

-Thomas Midgeley, inventor of leaded petrol and CFCs has done more damage to the environment than any other person in history

European witchcraft is known for causing harm to people by sticking pins into dolls known as poppets, not vodoo

Hoover the talking seal is a seal discovered in Maine in 1971, who was found to have a Bostonian accent. He died in 1985 and appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America and had his own obituary in the Boston Globe.

-To create the impression that the house has been cleaned when you have not, spray furniture polish behind the radiator.


2 Responses to “Quite Interesting Facts 4”

  1. interesting funny facts Says:

    wow, surprising facts! I can’t help it, but wonder if this is really for real though?

  2. Tejas Gokhale Says:

    The fact about kite flying is wrong. Basant is a hindu term for Spring and kite flying is more famous in parts of India (certainly not the most dangerous country, ignorant maybe)

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