Quite Interesting Facts 3

Here is a list of little known facts from the BBC show “Q.i.” These are much more interesting than your typical “factoid” lists.

Custard can support a person walking on top of it because it is a non-Newtonian fluid.

-In the Middle Ages, most people thought the world was spherical, although Christopher Columbus believed the world to be pear shaped.

-A hairdresser called Big Beard Wang regularly shaved his pussy, because his pussy was Chairman Mao. (Mao in Chinese meaning cat)

-A dialogue does not have any limits to how many people can take part. Two people have to take part in a duologue.

Dermatoglyphics‘ and ‘uncopyrightable‘ are the longest words in English language with no repetition of a letter.

-The ‘winner’ of the marathon at the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis, Missouri, Frederick Lorz, went most of the way by car. Fourth place was awarded to a Cuban postman named Felix Carbajal, despite falling ill to apples he ate from an orchard en route. Len Tau, one of the first black African competitors in the Olympic Games, finished 9th despite being chased a mile or so off course by a large dog.

-Many riders competing in the 1904 Tour de France were disqualified because of receiving illegal tows from motor vehicles during night races. Maurice Garin was disqualified for taking a train through part of the route.

Women have been shown to be able to “smell fear“. Animals can smell the fear of each other but not of another species.

Pliny the Elder and others believed that a giraffe was the result of a cross between a camel and a leopard.

-There is no word for a Roman who was in charge of 100 men. Centurions were in charge of 83 men))

-Humans have between 9 & 21 senses.

-It would take around an hour to drive to Outer space, as it is 62 miles above the Earth’s atmosphere.

Thomas Crapper was the inventor of the ballcock, not the flush toilet.

-The Chinese invented the toilet, toilet paper, chess, acupuncture, fireworks, abacus, decimal system, drilling for oil, fishing reel, flamethrower, helicopter, horse collar, iron plough, lacquer, mechanical clock, hot air balloon, negative numbers, parachute, Printmaking, leaf maps, rudder, seismograph, stirrup, suspension bridge, umbrella, water bomb and whisky. Non-Chinese inventions include the Rickshaw, Chop suey and the fortune cookie, which were all invented in the United States.

-The first President of America was Peyton Randolph, the first President of the Continental Congress (Not George Washington or John Hanson). The second was John Hancock, whose name became an American term for a signature.

Peyton Randolph

-Most tigers in the world are in private hands in the United States.

-A list of Scottish inventions and discoveries include rubber tyres, adhesive stamps, Australian national anthem, Bank of England, bicycle pedals, breach-loading rifle, Bovril, cell nucleus, chloroform, cloud chamber, cornflour, cure for malaria, decimal point, Encyclopædia Britannica, fountain pens, Genetic fingerprinting, hypnosis, Hypodermic syringes, insulin, kaleidoscope, lawnmower, lime cordial, logarithms, lorries, marmalade, matches, motor insurance, paraffin, piano pedals, radar, reflecting telescope, savings banks, screw propeller, speedometer, steam hammer, raincoats, tarmac, teleprinters, tubular steel, typhoid vaccines, ultrasound, United States Navy, UST, vacuum flasks, wave powered electricity generation and wire rope. Others that aren’t Scottish include kilts, which are Irish and Danish, Hogmanay, which is French and whisky is Italian and Chinese.

-The origin of the word cat is catulus. The Romans called dogs “catulus”.

-The longest animal in the world is the Bootlace worm. (Not the Blue Whale, Giant Squid, or Lion’s Mane Jellyfish)

-Examples of berries are the banana, tomato, orange, lemon, grapefruit, watermelon, kiwifruit, cucumber, grape, passion fruit, papaya and pomegranate. The only berry fruits that end in “berry” are the gooseberry and the blueberry.

-The inventor of the theory of relativity was Galileo and it was known as the Galilean invariance.


Peanuts, almonds, pistachios, Brazil nuts, cashews, coconuts, horse-chestnuts, pine nuts and beetle nuts are not nuts, most of them are seeds.

-Examples of true nuts are walnuts, butternuts, hickory, pecan, wingnuts, chestnut, beech, oak, stone oak, tanoak, hazelnuts, filbert and hornbeam.

-If you cut an earthworm in two, it becomes two halves of a dead worm. Not two new worms.


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