Quite Interesting Facts 2

Here is a list of little known facts from the BBC show “Q.i.” These are much more interesting than your typical “factoid” lists.

-The Ancient Greeks claimed the sky was bronze as they had no word for blue. The Greeks never used colour to describe things. According to Homer, the sea, wine, and sheep all shared the same color.

Rainbows happen when the sun reflects off the back of a raindrop at 42 degrees.

-The planet Mars is brown. Recent NASA images were tweaked using filters to make it appear red.

-There are no green mammals. There is a sloth that looks green, but it has algae growing on it, so it isn’t green.

Camels originated from the continent of America, 20 million years ago. They became extinct during the last Ice Age.

Zeppo Marx contributed to the design of release clamps used to hold the Hiroshima bomb inside the Enola Gay. Zeppo joined the Marx Brothers after Gummo Marx left. He appeared in 5 films, the last one was Duck Soup. He then left to become an agent for an engineering and design company.

-Technically there are only 46 states in the USA, because Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are commonwealths.

Penguins will live near the magnetic north pole in the event of a magnetic pole shift.-Interesting Kosher Animals: Grasshoppers, Giraffe, Bison, Water Buffalo, Pronghorn, Reindeer

-Leaders of Russia have alternated between being hairy and bald since Alexander III in 1881.

-Less than 0.02% of the Earth is water. Seven-tenths of the Earth is covered in water. Earth can also go into the Eye on Jupiter

  • For the seven months that they hibernate, bears do not defecate anywhere in the winter. They recycle the urea as protein, so they don’t need to urinate and they mix the hair and faeces to make a sort of plug that blocks the anus during winter. She-bears give birth during hibernation. They can also give birth to 4 cubs from 4 different fathers.
  • Toothpaste makes bears go crazy with desire. You’d be safer carrying a butchered elk leg. Dogs also go crazy from toothpaste, but there are dog toothpastes available in flavours such as peanut butter and beef.
  • The animal with huge teeth and only one facial expression is the Giant Panda. It has the biggest teeth of any mammal and is a bear, but until 1996, it was thought to be a member of the raccoon family. The odd thing was that it was designated as a carnivore, but everyone knows it only eats bamboo and they’re also the only bear that doesn’t hibernate, because it has to eat bamboo for 12 hours a day to get enough nutrients.

Thomas Edison believed that 15 tiny people lived within the human mind. He also believed that when you die, they moved to another person (I haven’t been able to verify this factoid). He did not invent the light bulb, but he used bamboo as a filament for his prototype, although one of his letters contains the first written reference of the word “hello“. He had 1,093 patents in his name. The original word, “Hullo”, was intended as an act of surprise, rather than a form of greeting. Floccinaucinihilipilification means the act of assessing something as worthless, its the longest single non-technical english word-Mike the Headless Chicken lived for two years without a head. He was fed with an eye dropper. There is even a song about him.

Butterflies are an evolution from moths – they came out during the daytime to avoid being eaten by bats. There are two theories on why butterflies are so called; one is that it is derived from the Dutch word “to excrete butter” and the other is that the most common butterfly when the Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain were yellow. (See also Differences between butterflies and moths)


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  1. helllo am Abraham Impraiam and attending school at Takoradi,Technical,Institued po box 414 takoradi/ghana,

  2. wow great facts…

    really very interestin g

    thanks for sharing

  3. Just discovered your blog. Lots of interesting facts and pictures. I’m wondering about the psychedelic-looking butterfly though, is it real?
    If it is real, what kind of butterfly is it.

    Please respond


  4. manshi raj Says:

    i liuke this fAct
    its awesome

  5. Anonymous Says:

    i like this stuff this is amaming

  6. this amazing stuff good thing could be in this stuff

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Butterfly – I heard it was a misrepresentation of someone who said, oh look at that “flutter by” and got then named through it being misheard.

  8. lol, interesting post! After all I question if this is really true though?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Following bamboo die-back in 1983 in the Qionglai Mountains, many pandas were lured to traps by mutton or goat cooking on open fires. The smell was apparently irresistible to them. Even in the absence of these human hand-outs, panda dropping do sometimes contain animal remains. Some researcher discovered the hair of golden monkey in one panda’s droppings, and the hooves, bones and hair of musk deer in another. Villagers in Wolong informed researchers that they had seen a giant panda catch and eat a bamboo rat. It is a fact that giant panda are capable of quite a turn of speed when they put their mind to it, perhaps enough to run down a young musk deer or smaller mammals. Most remarkable of all, a few pandas can turn ‘rogue’. Once in Wolong Research Station, a female giant panda love to eat goat. Before it was being transferred to the research station she had managed to raid several farms and to kill and eat up to thirty-five goat and sheep.

  10. Stephen King Says:

    Where can I find the fact about scrapping cucumber skin to remove the chemical that causes indigestion?

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