— Staff Bios–

Founding Members circa 1893

Blogger in Chief:

thinking about soft shell taco supremes…mmmm



Soho: She’s artsy, fartsy, AND smartsy


JRuds, the daily joke guy:  Jonathan Rudner is the love child of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Women want to be with him and men and want to be with him. When he isn’t writing top 10 Christian music he spends his time jet setting across the globe with Brazilian supermodel Gisele.


Dr. Mandals, PhD: When she isn’t snipping off cat/dog genitalia, she’s blogging with the fiery passion of a evangelical  preacher on a meth binge.



Nitro, peeing on the raging flames of blogosphere mediocrity. Also, in his spare time he develops reality TV shows.


Milos the office Handyman/Potato farmer



Laurence Zingler

Watch out Osama-he’s coming for you




Soulless Waspy Trader Guy aka SWTG.  SWTG  will be the alias of a former co-worker of mine, who for now will remain anonymous. For all you gumshoes out there, his name rhymes with Dill and he likes to talk about Manut Bol. While his contributions are lame at best, we can thank him for the random pictures of cute animals doing slightly funny things. Thanks SWTG!



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