–About This Blog–


Dear Valued Reader/ Federal Agents,

Have you pondered the size of the World Wide Web? No? Well, we have. Its pretty fucking huge. Someone less tactful might say its bigger than Star Jones(pre-surgery) on a funnel cake bender. However, we have class, so we won’t say that. Instead, we found a nifty website to better illustrate its magnitude. Today’s  web currently comprises 46 billion + web pages. To give just a sense of scale, our universe, is estimated to be a meager 13.7 billion years old.  Its near impossible to truly comprehend its immensity. So we, your humble editors,  decided to create a blog intent on scouring the four corners of web searching  for the coolest links to entertain the bored  and the  curious.  So whether its  2pm and you’re staring at some lame excel macro, troubleshooting a server,  or sitting in an anthropology class tripping balls on shrooms, come cure your tedium here. A significant portion of the content is submitted from readers like you, so feel free to email any worthwhile material.


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  1. Hey, Where did you go?

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