Louis Theroux’s “The Most Hated Family in America”

The family behind the Westboro Baptist Church


One Response to “Louis Theroux’s “The Most Hated Family in America””

  1. —-Louis doing retreads?


    Now, on to shining those lights on the religouis beliefs
    of our ‘EUGENICS friendly’ shadow government
    (ON RECORD their agenda calling for the extermination
    of 90% of humanity by 2100/100 MILLION Americans
    to be gone by 2050).

    Maybe it’s time for well-connected Louis, born of high profile
    establishment types in EUGENICS paradise, and suicide capital
    of the world–Singapore, to do a 180.

    In 2012, the usual cheap, easy and demoralizing thrills
    just WON’T do…

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