World’s biggest bust hits NZ

World’s biggest bust hits NZ


5 Responses to “World’s biggest bust hits NZ”

  1. FREAK!!!

    • Neill Johnston Says:

      No man, she is not a FREAK, SHE knew what SHE was doing, the bigger the breasts, the more ATTENTION and RECOGNITION. Besides, they are JUST only BREASTS, and breasts come in ALL sizes, shapes, forms and color, so, nothing to get too excited about.

  2. Marry me

  3. Neill Johnston Says:

    Ya, they are ok, BUT, some chicks use aids to grow their breasts that size, because SOME chicks are not happy or secure with themselves with the size of breasts that they were born with. Also, it is ALL mainly for SHOW, and to get ATTENTION and RECOGNITION, IF, you guys have not figured that out yet. Since the skin is stretch more or less to the MAX, they have to keep it that way, cuz, going back to normal sized breast, the doc would probably have to drain a lot of the fluid out of their breasts first, and probably use re-constructive surgery so the chick does not end up with draggy droopy breasts.

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