Economic Downturn

Hey Baby,

We here at the Intelligencer understand the difficulties that most are facing in these troubled economic times.  Everyone is making sacrifices these days and no one is immune from the impact.  Sure, for a while we thought that we could avoid it, but in recent days we have seen our viewership drop dramatically.  We understand that people have been forced to make tough decisions.  Why would viewers want to keep a small, young, well endowed website like ours when they can view the larger corporate websites they’ve grown comfortable with?

In tough times people often go to the familiar things in life, so we’ve developed an educated, thoughtful position which we think will appeal to the logical nature we know our viewers all share… So please hear us out before you go… We love you baby.

I know we’ve been bad about saying it before, but this time we really mean it.  And no, its not just because we’re afraid of losing you.  This time we really mean it!  We’ll change!  We can be better!  Remember all of the good times we’ve had together?  Don’t leave us baby, we love you!

-Your rock, your stone, The Intelligencer


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