10 More Unsolved Mysteries of the World

10 More Unsolved Mysteries of the World


38 Responses to “10 More Unsolved Mysteries of the World”

  1. It looks to me that some one made a large model of the moon as a practical joke.

  2. i am interested to solve the problems like this.

  3. This is clearly a hoax.

  4. Is it made of rock or iron?
    if its iron or metal, it might be a ball that used ti be tied to a large chain , used for de-bushing. i`ve seen some in zambia

  5. It looks like a giant puff ball.

  6. i think its true

  7. it looks like a rock

  8. Anonymous Says:

    i don’t think so

  9. its a rock.

  10. Mayas who commited offences (crimes) were not jailed but sentenced to push a different size rock a certain distance depending on the severity of their missdeed.
    First the accused chipped and ground away at the rock until it was round enough to roll.
    Poles were used to move the round stone along.
    When the accused reached his sentenced destination he or she were free to return to society.
    Those different sized round stones are disperersed all over Central America.

  11. lamortz Says:

    moonuma lla oru mairum alla

  12. through observation, i guess it is a huge rock, but its roundness create a mystery because the rock should not be that round-shape like a moon, it might be pushed by some mayan people etc but. the rock itself was exposed to rain etc and there should be impact on it..

    • Anonymous Says:

      To those who are saying about the object in the picture referring it as spherical like the moon the moon is more egg shaped … Just saying

  13. Nalin Abeykoon Says:

    This is stone carved just as a decoration to be placed in the garden of the palace of King “Kashyapa” who was the builder of “Seegiriya” (The rock fortress ) who ruled Sri Lanka a long time ago!

  14. wat is the meaning for the two photos…. in one, a couple are sitting.. iin the other only rock is present……?????
    wat is the mystery behind it?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    nothing so specioal

  16. nothing so special

  17. its just a stone(rock) nothing else there………here in tamilnadu lots of this kind are seen casual…….

  18. sharath kumar k Says:

    y da questio of mysteri arised here?????

  19. I have heard that in some where of the world, there is one more mysterious thing – a stone which can float in the air without caring its gravitational pool. Is it true?

  20. I have heard that in some where of the world, there is one more mysterious thing – a stone which can float in the air without caring its gravitational pool. Is it true if so where it is?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe it is a Tyrannosaurs’s testicle?

  22. anttic world i love to see mystery world

  23. the firs B&W photo, is posted to prove that rock is old,
    n the the colour photo is here to prove that it still exists without any difference.

    Rina, I agree with you,
    it seems to be a huge rock,
    but the such exact roundness, is almost impossible to create,
    n even in these two photos, impact of rain or sunlight can’t be seen on that rock.

  24. looks a amazing,but i dnt think so that it can exist. so this is unnatural and creation of human or may be a simple rock………

  25. thanks..i like this page..

  26. i think its the part of rocket used at that time….due to the explosion of rocket ,it fall on to earth…..i noticed tha when kalpana chawla’s rocket explored,somewhere a big ball like this fall on to earth….so,there is a chance…..

  27. God was constipated and that’s all that came out.

  28. it is big testicle of dinosorous

  29. punk bavesi bete betl ejja po pinkan aak

  30. i dont understand this feature n why is everyone speaking iraqi or some crap ewwwwwwww…..

  31. Mystery is the things which is not exist. The rock which is rounded shape is still exist everywhere in the world.

  32. maybe a treasure is hidden inside that ball…

  33. This can naturaly take place under the pressure of glacial drift . Accumulated sand and gravle or even boulders perfectly rounding them to uniform shap . I have several that I’ve found in Michigan the biggest the size of a basketball . But this size is special that we are looking at .

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