Who will the next Batman villain be?

Beyond The Dark Knight Part 2: Future villains – Riddler in, Penguin and Catwoman out?

“Actor Gary Oldman has mentioned the possibility of the Riddler in a sequel, while screenwriter David Goyer has rejected Penguin and Catwoman as ‘must-have’ villains for the next instalment.”


28 Responses to “Who will the next Batman villain be?”

  1. kudos to the makers Dark Knight for their record breaking opening weekend… it’s no wonder there’s talk of another one coming out ASAP

  2. cobblepot Says:

    The Sequel to Dark Knight should have the Penguin as a sophiscated business man who throttles over wayne interprise. Maybe even have him controll the Marone crime activites. The Riddler should be a side villian

  3. No, no, no. The villain needs to be Catwoman. She’s gotta be a cat burglar doing high profile/high profit burglaries. She should be Batman’s equal in getting around the building tops. One of her scores would include info that the mob and/or some up and up politician doesn’t want exposed thus creating a Batman vs. Catwoman vs. The Mob sort of action.

    I just can’t see a Riddler being pulled off while keeping this series hovering just the other side of ‘believable’. I fear a Riddler will push this towards the ‘over the edge’ comix pic.

  4. The opportunity for villainy in the sequel (if it happens) is wide. Nolan’s versions of the “classic” Batman villains are dark and quite real, and for the better, lacking of strange colorful gadgets and overly costumed henchmen. I agree with Aldo, in that it would take a LOT of work to make the Riddler and the Penguin characters transform into the Nolan-esque imagery. But again, there are a ton of forgotten villains from the Batman series…most of which are riddled with cheese (most of which could only be portrayed the same way Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy were in Batman & Robin….lame). There are some villains like Mr. Zsasz, or King Snake and Bane, who might look good in that dark, real, style. Anyway…The Dark Knight was very well done, and Heath Ledger’s performance was beyond astounding…and I wouldn’t be offended if the series stops.

  5. zaccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Says:

    there is no way to top heath ledgers performance unfortunately he is dead so they cant go with a joker based movie. i think they should go with the rittler being an extreme siocopath like the joker with different reasons for crime or possibly a son of the joker…………. not to much like the joker but some resemblence. they should also never bring robin back i mean its called BATMAN………. not batman and sidekick,,,,,,,and batman is more of a solo hero…. they could possibly also do a 2 face based movie.

  6. i honestly think there should be a whole line of these chrisifor nolan directed batman movies heath ledger was great as the joker but i think the riddler would be good or penguin i think christofer nolan can make them into that reall life sort of charecter like the joker i have suspsion to whether the guy in the dark night movie who found out about who bat man is (bruce wayne) and threatened to tell everyone about it for the reason which has escaped me will become the riddler because if u do some reasearch the riddler is a former employee at wayne enterprises who finds out who batman is

  7. I think it has got to be the riddler,he all ways has a connetion to the joker and two face.the three wacked out nut bars should be in the #1 crazyist nut club.Im disapointed that christiphor nolans in prison! and that the player of joker died from drugs! two face looks pretty sweet for makeup! I like how harvey turned into a half dead freak! It was sad how rachel died in the movie. well thats who I think is in the next movie well bye!

  8. Batman freak Says:

    For those of you who don’t know, that guy in the movie was named Coleman Reese, not Edward Nygma. As for speculation about Johnny Depp playing the Riddler, I like it. He is such a flexible actor that he could pull it off. I also like the idea of Penguin being a bussiness man who controls a mob on the side.

  9. well i loved the dark knight a lot better then batman begins, now i understand that it was only supposed to talk how bruce wayne became batman. But as sequels go for the dark knight its hard to say considering there pertty much remaking all the batman movies they made before (begins) realy it depends on what actors they can get to play what villains, like the (penguin) witch was played by danny De vito and michelle pfeiffer as (catwomen) tommy lee jones (Two Face) and of corse my fav jim carrey as (Riddler). point is no matter how much you want certion villains you have to consider who, and how well they play them are it wont be as big as Dark knight witch im pertty sure thats what the director wants it to be as big as the Dark knight if not bigger! and well judgeing by the pic above of the riddler and seeing how the director is not only making these batman movies more of a darker perspective i say it could work and (the name dosent look that bad either.) now if they were going to go with the riddler, who oh who should be the other villain penguin or catwomen or maby somebody they have never used yet , hell i say put all three in it (my idea of corse) now the reason im saying that is because lets see they perrtymuch put three villains in the dark knight even thoe to me they killed of the scarecrow cause if you ask me not only did they kill him off too early but they didnt even try to make him look as good as they could have been like with a scyth or even a hat all he had was just the mask witch he didnt even start to were it fully let alone call himself the scarecrow till the end, then they just only showd him a little and if they were supposed to then at least dont kill of two face like that, i thought he would be in the sequel. as for the JoKeR to return well like everybody who thinks they shouldent because of heath well i do agree with you but i think heath would want the show to go on providing they even use the JoKeR or find a good replacement.
    (As for johnny depp playing the riddler i think he would make jim proud)

  10. peter mikhail Says:

    Yeah dude..johnny depp being the riddler will be sicKKK.LOL christain bale said if they ever bring robin into this..he will be that last man on earth to see that movie because he will not be staring it.And the director cant afford to lose another major character..so yyeah.Oh and the riddler will be amazing..iam pretty sure they can come up with a good story like the jokers..i have seen the dark knight 5 times in theathres..best movie in the world!!

  11. I think The Riddler as the main villian would be great! i think Jim Carry did a horrible job. its was nothing like the comics.they should do the Hush stories for the next movies.but they would have to explain ALOT!!!

  12. What about Harvey?? the jokers assistant, she could carry on the jokers role, and possibly break him out of prison (because joker doesnt die in the movie)
    which also brings up the VERY difficult task- replicating Heath Ledgers marvelous depiction of the joker.

  13. I think that they should bring in Mr freeze as the next batman movie because he is ten times better that the other villains and harder to kill

  14. The Riddler would be my next choice in the next one, Johnny Depp would kill it no doubt. I would like to see Edward Norton as a bad guy, if you ever seen American History X he definitely can play evil very well, after seeing TDK the joker was just as evil as Hannibal in my eyes. Nolan knows how to write a movie.

  15. For one… considering they even make a movie… which they may not because The Dark Knight was so good… plus any direction they go will probably lead to a more child’s atmosphere type movie… the riddler would be good… but again as it was put before… that character doesn’t seem to fit the nolan cryteria. Personally, Johnny Depp would be awesome as any character as a riddler, but personally after watching him do charlie and the chocolate factory… I think he would be one hell of a mad hater. Furthermore… i don’t see a whole lot of activity for anything else planned… as much as i want another movie, where do they go… what else needs to be said, there isn’t much more to accomplish. Why wouldn’t they just call it a day while they are on top of the mountain. I would go as far to say that The Dark Knight will win a ton of big awards when that time comes, but why would they want to put out something that could potentially taint the name they have built… i dunno just seems crazy to me.

  16. sam rockwell as the riddler

  17. The Riddler would definitley be the best character for the maybe new dark night movie or sequel. They should find an actor who can portray the riddler as heath ledger did the joker.(if that is possible). The penguin is such a lame character and same with the cat women, the riddler would be the best

  18. Ravinder Dogra Says:

    I would have to say the villian for a sequle wolud be the Black mask man AND maybe the Riddler black mask man hates bruce wyan but doesn’t care for batman so it would be gd when he finds out that wyan is the batman if they did thta. The riddle would have to be as gd as the joker cause he was brill in it. Nicholes Cage as the joker woulsd be gdif they bought robin in it, it would have to be someone one who can pull it off and live up to the dark knight but i can’t see that happenin as in the comic the dark knight is 10yrs after the joker had killed robin. but i really hope they bring out another bat film come on Nolan.

  19. Ravinder Dogra Says:

    Here is the detailes of the Black Mask Man. #9 Best Black Mask
    Real Name: Roman Sionis
    First Appearance: Batman #386
    Insane Twist: Black Mask is a sociopath obsessed with tormenting Bruce Wayne. The mask fused to his face was carved from his mothers grave for an extra splash of creepiness.
    Crowning Moment: On his way to taking over Gotham’s underworld, he aced Batman’s newest Robin, Stephanie Brown.
    Granted, Black Mask should just be called Black Skull because he looks like brother to the Marvel villain. Still, he’s a sadistic bastard who currently has more power in Gotham City than Batman. That says a lot. To top it off, he did kill a Robin, which gets you automatic placement on any villain list. The psychological damage wasn’t just to Batman, but also to Tim Drake, Stephanie’s boyfriend (and on-again off-again Boy Wonder). Talk about killing two birds with one stone. We have high hopes for Black Mask — go get ’em tiger!

  20. http://uk.comics.ign.com/articles/622/622304p1.html


  21. Ravinder D Says:

    Check this site to see who are the best and worst villans for batman…..http://uk.comics.ign.com/articles/622/622304p1.html

  22. Marcus HHF Says:

    The riddler should definetly be the villian but they shouldn’t really show him until the end…. he should make a bunch of riddles to wear he is, but while that happens, people die, that would be RAW

  23. Marcus HHF Says:

    the penguin should definetly NOT be in the next movie… they should introduce robin, though… batman just isn’t the same without robin

  24. Marcus HHF Says:

    Poison Ivy should be in the 3rd movie (if there ever is a 3rd movie)… she was a very very very popular villian when she was introduced, but im all for the Riddler being the next villain

  25. joker ROX!!! Says:

    (personally) i think that Robin is gay and should NEVER be put into these amazing movies. he would just bring them down. and the penguin is pointless. i dont see him as a SUPER villian at all! and cat women is cool i wont lie, but i dont think it would be cool at ALL for her to be in these movies, shes not really a cool villian and neither of them are NEARLY as smart or a crazy as the Joker and the Riddler.
    speaking of the joker it is EXTREAMLY heartbreaking that Heath Ledger died and the jokers awesomeness will have to stop there. *sob* But i am sooooo excited that Johnny Depp will be playing the riddler, that will be amazing…..words cannot describe my happiness! (i also think poison ivy sould be in the next movie or even this one, as a back up villian, sorta)

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Give me the Riddler as a Zodiac Killer type villain.

  27. Spider Dixon Says:

    Re: ROBIN
    ROB- A young bi curious, rockclimbing, gymnist, ufc wannabe, and martial arts student obsessed with helping Batman someday.
    He has a last name that start with the letter N that nobody can pronounce.. and/or.. he’s in a boy band called THE ROBS and he of course is ROB N. LOL
    After getting home from Karate class and checking himself out in the mirror, he sits down to enjoy americas top model.. Then there is a news alert!
    He quickly heads towards the scene of the crime to assist Batman..
    then suddenly…
    he is crushed by a large object falling from a building or an oncoming truck.. and just like that.. It’s Over!
    RE: The Riddler
    Conventional wisdom suggest that Johnny Depp is the way to go..
    However.. everyone thought he should’ve been the Joker.. I for one am glad he wasn’t!
    So perhaps we should dig a little deeper and consider someone who is less of a drama class hero and more like one of us.. I’m thinking that guy from Breaking Bad! oh yeah!, I can see it now. He is one question away from winning gothams big game show and draws an epileptic blank..
    This humiliation sends his life into a tailspin.. His buddies get him a hat with a question mark, His wife leaves him after his inlaws and her best friend laugh at him at a holliday dinner. His kids are teased at school.
    The company he worked for fires him for getting into a fight.. he is persued and then almost seduced by an underage girl who just wants to be as infamous as he is now. He is set up by her and her friend and caught on camera only considering the temptation but not taking the bate..
    However the tape is released and the news is all over it.
    But then the girl feels bad and confesses.. sort of!
    TOO LATE! the damage is done!
    Meanwhile the game show’s production company decides to capitalize on this even more with viral videos, t shirts at the mall sporting his epileptic face and a large qestion mark, catch phrase bumper stickers mocking his plea for help before slipping into the seizure.
    Wayne industries owns the publishing company he worked for that used many of his ideas .. incuding a Riddle A Day Calendar before firing him.
    Wayne also owns the production company that produced the game show that he appeared on.
    Now remember it’s epilepsy that explains the dumb look on his face as well as why he couldn’t solve the riddle not because he wasn’t brilliant.
    So he was outraged that they did not give hime a chance to answer/solve the question (riddle) after his brief seizure was over. But he was even more angry that they aired it after many attempts to stop them.. his life goes into freefall.
    He wants revenge and now terrorizes all of the people involved in every aspect of his humiliation with riddles more difficult but not unlike the one he was unable solve on tv.

  28. noriddler Says:

    uh u guys do know that ledger was not obligated to do the next movie if he were still alive. 2 I wont see the movie till it comes out to rent if riddler in it I understand he importent to batman but I dont think he will fit in were we are at in the two movies. and pluse I really dont like him he no villen just a geek mad at his daddy. I wanna see a darker freeze or killer crock those would be my picks but wont happen. so in terms of story of nolens films Black mask he a big mob boss. would Love to see Joker back BUT GOD KNOW that wont happen Ledger did a good job for someone to top it. that why all actors do there best so the next guy brings there A game. but what I know!

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