The Gross Out Test

The Gross Out Test

Test your fortitude. How much can you take?

“Each picture gets progressively more disgusting. The further you go, the higher your score. Only about 15% make it all the way.”

*Props to Sarah, she scored 100%


7 Responses to “The Gross Out Test”

  1. Only because I have a depraved mind, did I find this test slightly enjoyable!

  2. ros2379 Says:

    I had to stop at poo marathon runner, only in fear there would be more poo

  3. Jonathan Says:

    35 and out

  4. I survived. But only because I watch a lot of science shows.

  5. I didn’t find that disturbing in the least…

  6. 50/50*

  7. i can’t access this for some reason?????

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