EcoloBlue 28 Atmospheric Water Generator

EcoloBlue 28 Atmospheric Water Generator

EcoloBlue 28 Atmospheric Water Generator (110V AC). Generates up to 28 liters (7.5 gallons) of pure water in 24 hours. It requires no water source


9 Responses to “EcoloBlue 28 Atmospheric Water Generator”

  1. These machines fascinate me. They save money, and the environment at the same time.

  2. Techno sexy, but how much water can you buy with 1,350? And does the electrostatic device kill off all the mold growths?

    • I dunno, I dont have mold growths. It does need the first tank cleaned about 1 time a week, or every other. I think the sterilzation filter or UV light filter kills that stuff. Newer models have like 3 uv light filters.

  3. what is the optimal humidity level? Just curious, what if you lived in phoenix as opposed to portland?

  4. what is the price

  5. Hassan Al-Mosawi Says:

    Is the product can be shipped to Canada (Toronto)? what is the price will be? the product looks great.

  6. where are the UK sales? I want to buy one or four!

  7. I have one and its great. Its about 2 gal a day at max humidity. I live in the desert, well Arizona, Usa. My humidity lvl is about 25% some times of the year, then 50% others. I would say at the 25% level it produces about 1 gal a day. 50% I think will get the full 2 gal. It is the purest water I have ever had. No flourides, chemicals, fecal matter (google sewer water recycled i think CNN>) and it costs 1350 + shipping. I believe they ship worldwide. Click on my name, i have linked the website Try to get the power source too, that way you can survive off the grid. Gov cant help you, when you need it most. They may purposly delay helping because elite dont like humanity. Also check out (google that movie title and watch it for free to see who really runs the planet. Get off the grid, be self reliant.)

    Good luck freinds,

    -Free Humanity

  8. atmos H2o UK
    the most advanced atmospheric water generator in the world, pls visit our website

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