LIFESAVER: World’s First Ultra Filtration Water Bottle

LIFESAVER: World’s First Ultra Filtration Water Bottle

Unlike other similar products, which filter out bacteria but not viruses, the Life Saver Bottle filters out all particles larger than 15 nanometers, which means that it filters out bacteria, viruses, and fecal matter. It can purify betweem 4,000 and 6,000 liters of water with one filter, and is currently being used by the military.


One Response to “LIFESAVER: World’s First Ultra Filtration Water Bottle”

  1. saiparn Says:

    I have used every type of filter/purifier on the market and none of them have been as effective and simple to use as the Lifesaver bottle. I have two bottles, one for home and one for travel. I noticed one of the prior reviewers remarked on his discolored well water remaining discolored once it was filtered through the lifesaver. While the lifesaver bottle will filter out all microbiologicals including bacteria and even viruses it will not filter solutions such as the saline from salt water nor will it remove all of the color that is associated with a solution. For example, if you run tea or coffe through the filter the result will be clean water but the color of the water will mainsome of tea coloring. Personaly, I have drank water from some bad sources such as the great dismal swamp and stagnant ponds and the result is always the same, clean, pure water.

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