The Chicken is T-Rex’s Closest Living Descendant

Chicken is T rex’s closes living relative


18 Responses to “The Chicken is T-Rex’s Closest Living Descendant”

  1. You guys are stupid

  2. no he right the chiken are related to the trex

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. hahaha i love chicken and dionosurs sooooo lol that cute …ooo an d i love justyn!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    wow u guys are retarded but any way god loves you and died so you could go to heaven

  6. Actually, T. rex is related to birds in general; the thing is, the genetic material the scientists had on hand to compare it with was that of a chicken. The results would have been the same for something like, say, a kookaburra, a hawk or an emu.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    isn’t the emu the closing living relatives to dinosaurs like t-rex?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    ^^ I heard that on national geographic

  9. Anonymous Says:

    yo this is bull shit t rex eats meat stupid… wtf does a hcicken eat? seeds… i win

  10. this is bull shit, a chicken and a fucken t-rex cnt be related bc t rex eats meat and chickens eat fucken seeds… duh i win

  11. wat r u talkin bout the trex is have u looked at the bones

  12. umm nevermind

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Anyone who thinks chicken are vegetarian never watched a chicken hunt down bugs and mice. Even young chicks go nuts for meal-worms. At 2 weeks old, they grab them and smack them against the ground to kill them and devour them whole. Older, larger chickens happily hunt rodents and any other protein source they can find. It’s a little disturbing to watch, really. I sure wouldn’t want to be smaller than chickens. They’re serious predators. Look it up.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    actually guys the T-Rex descendant is a hummingbird

  15. I bet the T-Rex didn’t taste that damn good

  16. anonymous Says:

    There is a lot of evidence showing T-rex’s relaion to chicken. Similarities in body structure and gentetic information. Just because they eat different things doesn’t mean they’re not related.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Chickens/chooks are not vegetarians, they eat meat! Their skeletal structure is incredibly similar to that of a t-Rex. Mock all you want chooks are related to the t-Rex. The beautiful thing about science is that it’s true whether we believe it or not

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