WR104 Star a real life “Death Star” aimed at Earth

“This star’s explosion is second only to the big bang”





2 Responses to “WR104 Star a real life “Death Star” aimed at Earth”

  1. Can you say ‘Apocalypse’? Just saw a mention of this on the History Channel. A gamma ray burst might have already happened and we don’t even know it. It is 8000 light years away but ya know,we won’t know until we see it and by then we are already vaporized! Scary for sure!

  2. We have to be kidding ourselves if we don’t believe something is going to happen to us sooner or later! What about the planetary alignment that is going to happen with Earth and the Milky Way in December of 2012? Life as we know it is going to change in some kind of way…it’s inevitable!

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